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Whose Milking Who?

by Q

I first posted this in the comments section of this post.

But then I thought it deserved a post of its own.

So with a few edits, here it is:

So what is the KKR support staff anyway?

1. John Buchanan - Director, Cricket Opetations
2. Joy Bhattacharya - Team Director
3. Andrew Leipus - Physio
4. Adrian Le Roux - Team Trainer
5. Matthew Mott - Assistant Head Coach
6. Micheal Buchanan - Strength Trainer

Why suggest that they are Buchanan's cronies?

Any head of anything would want to work with trusted lieutenants.

If NC were to become CEO, its pretty damn obvious that he would hire SP, myself, Som, and other bored members.

Its just how all companies and teams function.

So who else of Buchanan's cronies are there? And how can we be sure that SRK and Jai Mehta are being milked?

Maybe SRK has managed to strike a golden deal - Buy 1 get 5 FREE!

Take a look at Shane Warne's support staff for the Rajasthan Royals:

1. Darren Berry - Director of Coaching
2. Jeremy Snape - Performance Coach
3. John Gloster - Physio
4. Ron Castorina - Team Manager
5. Sushil Tulaskar - Assistan Team Manager
6. Derek Sedgmen - Head of Massage (What the fuck!?)
7. Monty Desai - Coach, Development Squad
8. Satish Samant - Coach, Development Squad
9. Saurabh Walker - Performance Analyst
10. Reuben Niekerk - Manager, Security
11. Zaheer Ahmed - Manager, baggage
12. Pankaj Aditya - Assistant Masseur

Now if my maths is correct that is twice as many as KKR have.

This is the same Shane Warne who said "a coach is bullshit!".

Well he didn't say that but something like that.

So should we assume that Warne is milking Emerging Media and Shilpa Shetty?

Well I'm sure he'd love to milk Shetty but surely that is not going to happen. She's getting married to that Kundra dude!

So guys, Gavasker needs to chill the fuck out.


straight point said...

If NC were to become CEO, its pretty damn obvious that he would hire SP, myself, Som, and other bored members.

so you are already ensuring a future employment Q... ;-))

Som said...

I can't wait for my share of the pound either. ALl I need to keep NC in good humour.His humour is good anyway.

Q said...

Yes I am SP.. going for my MBA and NC knows all abt it ;-)

Q said...

Yes it is SOM!