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Amit Singh reported for suspect action

by Ankit

suspectedAmit Singh, the RR pacer partially responsible for the thrashing of Bangalore the other day, has been reported for a suspect bowling action by the two umpires to the match referee S Venkatraghwan, bringing the tally of bowlers reported this year to two. Co-incidentally, the other bowler reported is also a Rajasthan player. I am talking about Kamran Khan of course.

Singh, who plays for Gujarat in the Indian Domestic Season, took 3 crucial wickets in the said game yesterday and was hailed by one and all as a talent to watch out for, mainly for his ability to hit the deck and bowl fairly accurately.

It is still unclear what action would be taken against him. You be the judge. Meanwhile, I would dig up the IPL Technical Committee and find out what it is and who they are.

by Ankit Mishra


Gaurav Sethi said...

They should take Suspect Action against him.

straight point said...

bored believe it or not moment...

malinga bowling with so much slanted angle that players have started to ask umps for not wearing white socks!!

pRAFs said...

RR seem to have rounded up all the suspect action types
Now don't be surprised if Trivedi is pulled up next.
coz his action is a little dodgy.

raj said...

Looks like Warne's strategy is to get an army of chuckers, and as soon as one is reported, get the next chucker in line. If an Indian captain had done it, we would have had aussie bloggers going "Look at that, we aussies eliminate chuckers at district level cricket, look at these subcontinetals " etc.
But since Warne is doing it, they will keep quiet. Is there a set of people more sanctimonious and holier-than-thou than these?