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B the moment of the match

by RajaB

Again from outside the match

This time from a Padma Shri filled secular news television channel's post IPL sports capsule with a baby faced former cricketer.

Cut to my television

Intro of the program, with visuals of the key moments (read fours, sixes and wickets) of the match and the announcer blazes away...

Visual: Robin Uthappa hitting Bravo out of the park

Announcer: Clearly the biggest six of IPL 2 and we hope the selectors are watching

I am sure the channel was sleeping while Robin was scratching around the crease all these days.

Insipid reporting, that is how I would describe them if I were to be really soft on them.

Long live news television in India...

PS: Well played Robin... Thank GOD pls, on your facebook page as usual


Gaurav Sethi said...

Haha! what channel was that

pRAFs said...

that idiot has been dropping catches,misfielding regularly
and most importantly throwing his wicket away more often than ross taylor.
Just one innings and the channels lose their balls.
i bet next innings he'll slog across the line and get bowled first ball.

Indophile said...

"Padma Shri filled secular news television channel's " what's the point of this political comment in this post RB. I know you are not a journalist and its a blog which will be obviosusly stating your case. But just for the love of the game keep this site away from sudo secular/communal nonsense for that we have enough people lurking on rediff and ibn site.