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B the moment of the match

by RajaB

When Ranjit Fernando is in front of the mike, every word he utters is a big moment for the viewer.

Deccan playing Punjab

Second over of the Punjab innings, Sohal facing RP Singh

After scoring consecutive boundaries off RP's first two balls, Sohal cuts the third one hard. The ball travels to what looked like Gully for everyone in the world except...

Yes you guessed it right, Mr Fernando.

In his characteristic high decibel "OnCe AGgan, he slapps theB aAll, and the fielDerr in the secCund slip puts it down"*

It's okay is someone misplaces a cover & a country, gully with a second slip? That is quite a slip-up.

PS: Sometimes looking at the way Mr Fernando speaks, I fear he might get his tongue twisted in a reef knot any moment.

* Try this the Ranjit Fernando way at leisure. You might want someone who knows how to remove a reef knot next to you when you do try this !!


Gaurav Sethi said...

funny you should write this - was all for an RF post today.

listening to RF when Sree was on, - "Sreesanth is SOMEone who Needs Encoragement, and one could see him responding to Encourgaement" - could've been the other way round, but with RF you get the gist as well as the jest

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Ranjit is a big comedian. He provides laughable stocks every time he comes on air.