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B the moment of the match

by RajaB

Chennai playing Bangalore

17.4, Jacob Oram bowling to Ross Taylor

Yorker length ball slightly outside offstump.

Taylor tries to dig it out and misses it.

Dhoni, the wicketkeeper is yorked too !!

Missing to show the full face of his pads and stop it... The ball takes the edge of the pad and runs down for 4 byes.

Harsha Bhogle on commentary "This is Diwali, Dusheera & Sankaranti, all rolled into one... A gift"

I am wondering what to chose as "B the moment" ?!!

Dhoni's miss or Bhogle's list of holidays ??


Gaurav Sethi said...

missed that too.

i'm sure DK's resurgence was on his mind when the ball went thru

RajaB said...

Well the most interesting read in the recent past was what Naman Ojha had said in an interview... "We started around the same time. Now look where he is.."

So for Dhoni it is, too many people out to spoil his broth....