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B the moment of the match

by RajaB

Rajasthan playing Mumbai

4 runs from 5 balls

Camera pans to the Rajasthan box... Shilpa Shetty with prayers on her lips

Dhawal Kulkarni lbw Munaf Patel

Now 4 off 4

Shilpa Shetty on camera, prayers still on her lips

Munaf Patel to Chetanya Nanda, a runout this time Nanda walks back to the dugout

It's not 4 off 3

Shilpa with prayers still on her lips seen on camera again

Harbajan Singh runs one, taking Lasith Malinga on to strike

3 off 2

Again Ms Shetty spotted with prayers on her lips

Now, Malinga & Harbajan run an impossible one, Malinga is runout. Rajasthan have won a cliff hanger.

Camera pans back to the Rajasthan box

One sees Shilpa Shetty jumping on her boyfriend, elated.

Now, what's on her lips ??


Q said...

A few inches later at night!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Big Boss

RajaB said...

Naughty fellas...

"Yesssss, we won" that was what was on her lips post that jump on & hug !!

Som said...

I guess she had Raj Kundera's stubble on her lips and Warne's cheek on her mind.