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Look who is talking...

by RajaB

Pink Floyd are entertaining me in the background as I write this post.

While doing my customary rounds of I found something interesting.

"I'm 43 but wouldn't mind having a crack at it. I think I'll go okay but I am not sure if any side is desperate to take me"

Appropriately Floyd were playing the famous "Money" song as I was reading this.

But yes there is a side that is desperate, desperate that it wouldn't even mind taking or rather waking up a WG Grace or Sir Donald Bradman off their grave to manage a win, one WIN. I hear grapevine telling me that this guy might be the replacement for the "Fountain of ideas".

Now that I have given enough away, the man who said those famous words is Stephen Rodger Waugh. And yes, you got it right...

The team we are talking about are the Kolkata Knight Riders.

So would Stephen Play or Make Play ??

Whatever it is, he would make pots of money.

Some more music please...

And, Mark Knopfler now, Money for nothing


Gaurav Sethi said...

be another masterstroke from srk, win back some of cal's lost love.

but what abt the waugh-dada equation, not gonna be waiting on each other.

the maniac is on the grass

Q said...

Fake IPL Player in his previous post hinted at Steve Waugh being in talks with KKR for next season. Take that with a pinch of salt.

Last week, I said this: