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B the moment of the match

by RajaB

Punjab (Vs.) Deccan

The match went up to the last ball of the second innings. But the gem came a minute later.

Irfan Pathan in his post match interview "I was pretty happy I was given the last bowler. I was hit for one four, but that happens. I knew he [Sharma] was waiting for the yorker next ball, but I tried a different kind of slower ball"

I am told Chetan Sharma and more recently, less than 24 hours ago Mashrafe Mortaza practiced the same line for an interview just after their captain handed the ball over to them. The rest as they say is history.

Savour your moment sire ! Thank your stars !!

PS: See what Chotu said a while back because he could afford to...


pRAFs said...

May be the wide that he bowled before he bowled sharma was a part of the plan too

Gaurav Sethi said...

Convinced he was the African Elephant in full cry after that wicket.

The post match interviews are spl, RP on song is a DJ remixed