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B the moment of the match

by RajaB

Semifinal 2, Bangalore playing Chennai

I was watching the match at a pub owned by a Kannadiga, surrounded by redshirts who invariably see you as a Chennai supporter because you picked your phone and said "Seri naa appuram pesaren" (OK, I'll call you later, in Tamil).

If sitting at a venue where you were outnumbered 1 to 8 was worse, the abyss of the day came during over number 20 of Chennai.

Robin Uthappa finally catches one and overacts as usual, and you have a whole bunch of redshirts around you shouting "Go Robin Go".

Do they want him to go back to Coorg, leaving cricket alone ??, I wonder.

Save all these, B the moment of the match was reserved for the end of the match banter between the fans of both teams.

"What poetic justice !! Both the last placed teams of 2008 are in the finals of IPL 2, brilliant right ??"

It is not dude, please...

Don't even mention this statistics again.

I don't want a John Buchanan and Sharukh Khan to hear this and continue with their disastrous experiments.

Let Kolkata Knight Riders have a life at least the next year.


Gaurav Sethi said...

You can bet JB will sell SRK that line. Good for him if he does his usual line - some diet coke

Q said...

Rayden over at my blog is already thinking abt a MI vs KKR final next year.


Viswanathan said...

At least you had some red shirts to keep your motivation up, I had given up by the 5 th over of BRC's innings and doing a Achetup.(check out his comments in the blogroll) :)

Viswanathan said...

Sorry, read blogroll as Bored Chat.

RajaB said...

They said redshirts are killjoys...

I didn't quite understand how & why till I was caught in the middle of 8-10 of them yesterday...

Dhoni must have been in red inners yesterday... The biggest killjoy of all !!