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B the moment of the match

by RajaB

KKR playing DC

Just as when Sharukh Khan was thinking of calling his travel agent to book his ticket to South Africa, Mashrafe Mortaza decided to save some cost for the team.

A day when the adage "Every dog has its day" was coming close to reality for the KKR pack, when one saw Ajit Agarkar defy his usual self and bowl a brilliant 19th, McCullum smile on field, Kartik bowling a good spell of 4 tight overs. When one started feeling that KKR are ducking the trend to win one, Mashrafe thought otherwise.

I would ask the KKR team to may be try their luck with book cricket first. And when they do that, I would recommend that they borrow a book from Scorpicity. That seems to be the only way KKR can win one.

1 comment:

Gaurav Sethi said...

What kinda fool keeps MM for the last over - BM.

I really could've done with a KKR win, i'm sick of his pipsqueak whine - but then nuthin like a super over. Just has to be against KKR.

That closet coach must be feelin damn vindicated abt keeping MM out all this while.

Enjoyed the link up, that's a bored classic. And Scorpi has surfaced too!