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The Economics of Kolkata Knight Riders

by RajaB

Mashrafe Mortaza is not playing today, he has been dropped after that one over.

I was tempted to see what his contribution is, to the team and what the team' to him. So here is what I found.

a) Teams contribution to him $600,000

Bangladesh has a per capita income of $1,500. So this means one Mashrafe Mortaza is equal to 400 Bangladeshi'

b) His contribution to the team

He bowled all of 4 overs and gave away 58 runs without picking any wickets

Mashrafe's value per over - $150,000: This is equal to what 100 of his country men would be getting in an year

One year is 525,600 minutes, look at what our man got for every 8-9 minutes of contribution on the field. That makes it $16,667 per minute of his contribution

That is what 11 Bangladeshis would be earning for the whole year. He earns that in a minute

Well, one look makes me think that Sharukh Khan would have been better off hiring 400 Bangladeshi', than buying a Mortaza and keeping him in his team for trophy value (!!).

That would at least have given him some solid supporter base.


Yenjie said...

This is flawed logic. You may buy a bangladeshi, but you cannot tell him who to support.

Q said...

Supporter base? Maybe a support staff! Wud do better than the Aussies..

RajaB said...

Yenjie... I presume you work. Or you intend to someday !!

Who would you work for ??

Someone who pays you, right ??

It does also mean that you support he who pays, by doing his work. Right ??

That is precisely the logic.

RajaB said...

Q, that was a fantastic take... dual purpose buy !!

I am pretty much with you in agreeing that the hardworking Bangladeshi' would do much better to support the team.

Yenjie said...

Ha ha RajaB. "Saa-port" as the bongs call it, is a matter of the heart. You can buy the mind of the true bong, but not the heart. Saa-port is not guaranteed simply by something as bourgeois as payment.

RajaB said...

Yenjie... My dictionary says "Logic" doesn't have a "Heart"

I would let you decide what we are talking about here... A flawed logic or priceless heart ??

achettup said...

Are you saying he plays years two and three for free? Doesn't matter if he's playing or not, either way you need to divide by three.

RajaB said...

Achettup... You are right. Apologies for that slip-up.

Well I stand corrected that Mashrafe is equal to 133 Bangla's...

While I wouldn't want to change the value per over and the other parameters till he plays the next year (when we would revise things)... This is how it would look if we changed...

Value per over $50,000

Equal to 33 Bangla's earning an year

That is $5556 a minute.