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Indian T20 Team = India Kiddie XI!

by Ankit Poddar

Why? Well, that is what this entire post is about!

I was watching this particular news channel about MSD's press conference and Team India's T20 Squad's photo session! Of course you don't care which news channel it was, because all of them are the same!

(That photo can be seen at SP's)

What interested me, was Team India's enthusiasm through out the photo session. It reminded me of those photo sessions, we all had back in our school days, the ones that were taken for the annual mags!

Indian Team's stars were behaving those school kids after all! The team had all of them!

The guy laughing all the way about how funny this photo session is! Read Harbhajan there!

The guy making sure he is looking all good! Read Zaheer Khan!

The guy making sure he is looking straight into the camera with a broad smile! That was Irfan Pathan!

The guys talking slyly just before the photo is being taken, looking in to the camera, and their lips moving, giving each other last minute gyan! May be Yuvraj was telling MSD how hard captaincy was for him during the IPL!

The guy looking at the camera, with a derisive look, like how all of this is such a pain in the backside! Of course, who could that be, but Jatman!

Yes, Indian T20 squad is India's Kiddie XI! Not because you have seen most of them progress from the under-19 levels, right before your eyes! But, that is what the photo session says!


Gaurav Sethi said...

Kiddie XI is good as T20 are little games!

Viswanathan said...

They appear to enjoy each others company without the restraining influence of the seniors.

Ankit Poddar said...


little games these kids play!!

straight point said...

i second OTT here...

one can clearly see the camaraderie...they are relaxed and comfortable with each other without any pretensions...which can only be good...

Ankit Poddar said...

Ott, SP,

I agree with you guys!