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Quirky Cricket

by Bored Guest

(...or is it also superstition?!)

Too many cricketers and just one Indian team.
Umpteen religions and even more Gods.
Countless superstitions and even more astrologers.

Now, what's all that about?

When Ishant Sharma, India's lankiest fast bowler ever, comes running up towards you, then you know you've got to be up to it. When that same Ishant puts on yet another necklace/ chain/ string around his already over-laden neck, then you'd better beware. When the one and only Ishant let's yet another "Holy Kavaj" (Locket) dangle from one of those strings, then you're in trouble... real trouble -- he then has the Pundits and Gods on his side!!

I've heard that Ishant's astrologer is better than Murali Kartik's -- did you notice the latter's neck gear?! One guess: Who's on the team more often??

What's with Harbhajan Singh when he is coming in to bowl, over or around the wicket makes no difference? In pure elation he is because he spreads both his arms wide, parallel to the Earth, and attempts to fly.

I've heard that he's just trying to get a little extra height, come down from higher up, give 'The Cherry' (cricket ball) more time in the air to baffle the batsmen. A God's at play here as well, is there?

Then there is the seemingly calm Indian captain himself, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who gets so jittery before taking his final stance that he must -- yes, each time -- go through his two, self-taught rituals: Rip the velcro on the gloves and re-stick them... and, squint hard with his eyes a few times with an intriguing grimace to go with it.

I've heard that Dhoni has no astrologer but he does believe in himself and his rituals.

Then there is...
...I'll tell you more another day!!

by Ajoy Eric Lal
Writes here for the heck of it. He is Spiritual, has a Guru and carries one string on his wrist.


Gaurav Sethi said...

Gambhir and Sehwag only score with each other.

every indian cricketer thanks sachin at least once

sehwag says of course at least once
in a sentence

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Going by Fake IPL , our Ishant may not be getting much luck on the field but off it is getting something that sounds close ;-)

cricketfan said...

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