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Bored Question

by RajaB

While discussing about the West Indians in an East Indian team, Krish asked me this...

"Nice research, RajaB! I wonder if they play cricket in Lakshadweep. Maybe our own Brian Lara or Curtly Ambrose."

This triggered another interesting question...

Even if they do play cricket in Lakshadweep and the Andaman islands, where do they go from there ??

I mean if a kid from TN or AP or Goa or Mumbai or Delhi or even a Jharkhand plays well (or he is percieved to be playing well by those powerful and mighty...) then he moves on to represent his state / region in age group cricket and then moves on to the Ranji level.

Now, imagine I am a talented kid (just imagine !!) from either Lakshadweep or Andamans. Where will I go ??

Even a Services has its own Ranji team (I am leaving Railways as it is fairly large, railway zones and so on), so do we need a combined Union Territories / smaller states team playing Ranji ??

Do we have enough talent in the Union Territories / smaller states to warrant a team ??

1 comment:

Krish said...

Chicken-and-egg problem! I suppose even if there is not enough talent, allowing them to have their own team would spur future efforts to build a good cricket team in schools and colleges.

In my view, the fact that the IPL only has 8 teams is unfortunate. Ideally, there should be 40-50 teams with every state and union territory having their own team. Then we divide the teams into leagues based on the quality of the teams. The top league will be the one with the TV exposure.

Or something like that...