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News from the Caribbean

by RajaB

Thus spake the Fake One down Player...

"I know knifes were out, but I was confident the might of my cricketing abilities and aptitude would win them over.

Let me give you guys a lowdown on the list of master stokes (I am sorry to mention) I had to my credit yesterday.

I won the toss and elected to bat

I played Karthik, most importantly I gave him enough confidence that he agreed to open the innings (reluctantly though)

I decided I would send Yuvraj one down today. I know what you guys are saying, but you are wrong. I knew Rohit would be no-hit yesterday too, that is why I didn’t count him as the one down player

When I came in the ball was doing many things, we had to see through those many things. And keep the scoreboard ticking. That is precisely what I did. I scored my runs at 89.13 coming in a difficult position, where the objective normally is consolidation

And look at how Harbajan played today, it was me who gave him tips how to hit and coached him at the nets

While we bowled…

I wanted to test Nehra’s fitness to the fullest. I still remember what he said then, I would never forget. But he responded well. He understood his responsibilities and most importantly has mellowed down too. And see how he foxed Gayle ? I suggested he bowl that ball.

I decided I would keep Harbajan for the end, see how Ravi bowled a maiden and Pathan gave only 4. And did you see my field setting ?

Before the 49th over you might have seen a mini conference before Ashish Nehra was handed the ball. I had decided even before the first ball of the innings was bowled that Nehra is the one who would bowl the 49th.

I just wanted to make it look like it was a collective decision, just in case. To ensure we take collective responsibilities in case of any eventuality

All this said, did you guys see how I won a thrilling match for India.

For all those who took their knifes out, let me sing a Eagles song I am hearing right now, “Stab it with their steely knifes, but they just can’t kill the beast”

See you later !!"


Krish said...

Dhoni reminds me of Ganguly when the latter hit a slow century against Zimbabwe and claimed that it answered his critics.

Yesterday's win was, by no means, a comprehensive victory. India just managed to escape.

RajaB said...

@ Krish: FODP apparently told Bored off about two guys, first one being RajaB, the second someone called Krish !! Beware

Yenjie said...

He didn't speak actually. Instead he went out and made 95 runs off 130 while the rest of the team crumbled around him. I guess thats why he plays for India instead of blogging about it and taking cheap shots.

RajaB said...

@ Yenjie: It's been a while since I hanged my boots... 15 years to be precise, u-19 was when...

Thanks man... keep your comments coming