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Congrats Pakistan !

by Bhaskar Khaund

My two paisa on the win :

1. There's talk about Pak being in an easier S8 group. In my book , that's bunk. Arguably , T20 is a that-day-performance format. The result of any one match can not reflect the true strength of a side. But you'd think winning any multi-side tourney over the course of several days and games is a decent barometer. And as to having an 'easier' S8 group , well , (a) ..really ? Leaving SAF and Ireland to one side , in the context of T20 , is there such a huge diference between Eng and WI on the one hand versus NZ and Sri Lanka on the other...? and (b) the group still had to be beaten. So are Pak the best T20 team in the world ? No. Are they fair-and-square T20WC champions ? Emphatic yes !

2. Shahid Afridi (the batsman) : what do you do with a guy who's going to f*** it up nine times out of 10 through several months , years even , and then come so spectacularly good at the most crucial moments that he's going to win them almost singlehandedly for you ? Give it a thought.No easy answers to that one. And a good thing too. That's the kind of questions that makes the sport so great.

3. Only when you consider all the X-Factors that have gone into Pakistan and Pakistani cricket over the last two years do you really appreciate the scale of this win. Certainly of all the eight major teams this was the one that started out with the least advantage - be it resources or off-the-field clout or infrastructure or practice or whatever. To have turned it around like this is just tremendous stuff and a landmark.

Well done indeed ! Congratulations to a deserving winner.


Q said...

"So are Pak the best T20 team in the world ?"

Yes they are.. the stats would tell u that ;-)

namya said...

Huh? The best fun and frolic team as Younis said. I want to recollect all the comments that were made after their first match....

The same guys who are tom tomming today....