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Early Bored Call: Pakistan v Sri Lanka

by Gaurav Sethi

No two ways about it, Pak will lose and they can blame Javed Miandad and Wasim Akram. Last week, when Pak outplayed itself against India, it was Wasim Bhai’s b’day. Today, it’s Miandad miya’s.

From a purely cricketing POV, it will be a take no POWs kinda game – terribly one sided, might not even go the full distance; but then it is a T20 game, and the full distance is 5 days. Sri Lanka looks like a team, in spite of their captaincy which at best is well read though not street smart. If Sanga was playing in Law school, he would’ve had a Yale of a time. Luckily, this is Lord’s and there are plenty of laws going around. It’s down to his two slowpokes, but he still won't deploy them as an attacking move. Only if the quicks are ravaged in the first 4 will Mendis bowl the 5th. And Murali no way in the first 6, that’s his paid vacation.

On paper, Pak is man-to-man a better side and should win. But as most of the players can’t read it’s just a waste of paper.

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