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Happy Bored Day last ball sixer

by Gaurav Sethi

Happy B'day Miandad. Can't believe I'm wishing you, after what you did to a whole generation of believers - turned them into infidels. Chetan Sharma still sets the field in his sleep, and still bowls that damn full toss. How we love to hate you.


Q said...

In a way, I think all you Indian need to thank him for that 6.

Know why?

Cos of that the likes of MS, Yuvi, Gambhir, Raina, Rohit, Ishant, RP, IP, YP, etc.. grew up watching India lose to Pakistan game after game after game.

Imagine the determination all those losses built inside this current generation of Indian cricketers.

Such is the determination that they NEVER lose to Pakistan anymore.

Guess I have to wait for another decade to watch young Paki kids grow up and start beating India :-)

Gaurav Sethi said...

Some time back MSD claimed he watched very little cricket, as for Yuvraj, he doesn't watch anyone other than himself, and GG, y'kno he watches only Jatman.

If I'd been in the Indian team, the of course your argument would have had some weight

K said...

who did Jatman watch when he was growing up?? I guess he only watched highlights of each match.. that's why his concentrations span is so short..

Gaurav Sethi said...

Highlights is pushing it. I'd say mini-scoreboard.

K said...

Before Pak began domination in 1986 there was a time when India used to get all out for 125 in Sharjah and then bowl Pak out for 87, thanks to Kapil Paaji, Rogered Binny, Maddi Paaji and swashbuckling wicketkeeper Sad-anand Vishwanath.

Q said...

I remember that time K! 86 was the turn around.