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Fake One down Player

by RajaB

Fake One down player handed this release to our representative at Trent Bridge immediately after the match (this was before even he gave an interview as a winning captain)

"You know I am not the one who talks about myself. I don't normally tell the world how great a human being (cricketer) I am. But I think it is time I spoke.

This Indian media is thinking too much of itself. So I speak...

This goes out to all those who doubt my talent(s)

Remember, I speak well at press conferences. You must have read in Indian media "Sensational press conference", so I do well there

I am combative, captain cool (and I am not saying this)

I walk briskly on to the crease (one down !)

People say I am Ic cool

Let me invoke a Sanskrit saying (my Dadi told me)

I am Brahmasmi

So you know who I am now ?

Okay now that you know who I am, let me talk about today's match.

I am sure you guys are appreciating my captaincy in today's crucial encounter against a strong Ireland team. You must have seen how tactfully we chased...

And you must now have realised how important my decision was in sending Jatman back

Had he been there, I would have come in under immense pressure. Imagine in a crucial encounter chasing this kind of a challenging total and someone forcing me to walk in the middle in the 4-5th over. It would have been unnecessary pressure on me and my team.

Ya ! I hear some of you saying, but capthan you got out ??

No guys, sorry you are mistaken**. I didn't hole out. It was part of my strategy and I chalked it out. An out of form batsman like Yuvraj Singh had to get some time in the middle, practicing his batting. Even if it is at the cost of an in form me, I would do it for the team.

I know you love me and my team. And you love me for being the ultimate team man.

At the end what is important is that I won.

Thanks for thanking me and my strategy !!"

** My strike rate was 107 today


Gaurav Sethi said...

that was MS flying off the page, like that skier today. Good I caught on.

Top notch stuff MS.

Yenjie said...

Seriously? Now we are hating on MS? Explain why.

pRAFs said...

it's not HATING MS, it's just that some of his tactics of late are questionable. especially wasting raina at 5.

raj said...

I wouldnt hate MS if he bravely admitted that he cant cut it as a late order big hitter, and the only way he can make some runs at a 100-110 strike rate is by nurdling around at #3 and thats the reason he comes in at #3. Not some bullshit about experimenting etc. to give all batsman match practice - pray how, your best batsmen - Yuvraj and Raina - havent got much opportunity to get a feel for the conditions and Raina has played what like 35 delvieries so far?
This deceit that he is sacrificing by coming in at #3 is what is making people hate Dhoni...