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Phoren Baba's chasing him... Again !!

by RajaB

It was roughly a week ago when we figured that Anil Kumble & Saurav Ganguly would be part of the World Cup T20 commentary team.

Kumble has kept us entertained through the initial round robin matches. But did we take some timeout to think about our dear Dada ??

Where is he ? Why are we not hearing his voice yet ?

When are we going to listen to his "a wink a word" style of speech ??

Bored is in possession of some (interesting) inside information on why we still don't have Dada winking at us.

Yes, it is the Phoren Baba's in action again. Sources close to Dada suspect that a former coach of the Indian cricket team who asked him to explore life outside cricket might be one of the reasons. He might be the secret scheduler who allots commentators matches and airtime. And it is he and his coterie who have deliberately kept Dada out of the team.

But Dada is confident that he would find his second life in IPL.

Yes, next year they are going to test a revolutionary format in IPL. The players would be the commentators, all the ex's in the box would be moderators who would enable the players to comment from the ground.

So you would be able to hear Dada saying "That was a very tough catch, I tried my level best but couldn't hold on to it. But cricket is a team game, the other guys too should raise up to the occasion and win matches for us", and that too live as he drops

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