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In moderation

by Homer

Moderating the Big Fight between Damith and Q isnt easy. Especially since the only thing missing in this verbal joust is - moderation. And if this verbal joust is anything to go by, we are in for a treat tomorrow.

Damith got the ball rolling by questioning Afridi's credentials as a bowler. A premise that most of the civilized world would concur with (although his batting is equally suspect). He then upped the ante by questioning Pakistan's ability to play the big game and rounded off by mentioning ( in passing) the "Here is my middle finger" spinner, the Cardiac Kid who will never captain Sri Lanka and the volleyballer whose name no one can get right.

A tall order indeed!

As behooves an opposition member from the subcontinent ( or just about anywhere), Q wasnt going down without a fight. Or a brawl.

Q's verbal barrage included the following - calling Sri Lanka weak, top heavy and ... minnows! This was followed by big upping the Peshawar Rickshaw and the Rajasthan Royal that could. If dissing The Splendid one was not enough, Q raised the roof by mentioning Popeye.. I mean, really! This was followed by poking a needle through the Cardiac Kid who will never captain Sri Lanka voodoo doll.

Honorable mentions of the Shrieker behind the stumps, You knows, Missed by 5 minutes and Hyderabad ka damaad rounded up his repartee.

The ball is in your court Damith!

(Bored Member Damith is from Sri Lanka where as Bored Member Q is from Pakistan; this is the start of the Damith vs. Q BBC* Debate at BCC! for the Sri Lanka v Pakistan Super 8 game tomorrow. Rip into each other gentlemen)
*BBC - Bored Boys Chat

Click here for the complete Pak-Lanka Debate, start reading from down under.

1 comment: said...

The fanatics have started again
Homer, you are all divisive small thinkers. You think only of national divisions. Look at me, how big hearted I am, I support many nations - India, SL, Pak, WI... why you all are so small minded.I rise above national divisions. I am holier-than..err..I am so lovably magnanimous. No?