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hold on guys...hold on...

by straight point

so pcb's proposal is accepted by icc...

good for a player like razzaq, nazir etc...

there have been calls that they should be drafted into the final xi...asap...

excuse me...!! are you serious guys...?

are they that good...then why were they discarded in the first place...?

they have done nothing to convince me that suddenly they have improved so much that they should be drafted straight into the squad...

...and what does this say about the first choice players...where does it leave them...?

isn't it like saying, "you guys are not worth a place in the team...that you were just warming the bench for they can come and knock you off it...won't it effect team bonding...specially when things are falling into place for pak...slowly but surely...

is this worth it, that too in the middle of an important tournament such as world cup...


Q said...

Alright so here's the deal.

Razzaq was injured for since the end of 2006 up to the summer of 2007.

He missed the ODI world cup in 07 as well.

He returned from injury during May 07 in the series against SL in AD but wasn't at his best.

Hence he was dropped from the T20 WC squad in 2007.

Thats when he joined the ICL.

We all know how good he has been in the ICL. Is that a basis for international selection? Why not?

Moreover in the recent domestic 20-20 cup in Pakistan, Razzaq was the leading wicket taker and he also scored a 100 off 50 deliveries in one of the matches, besides leading his Lahore Lions into the final.

Hence yes, he deserves a place in the squad and the XI.

Imran Nazir was always a first choice T20 player for Pakistan. He wasn't and isn't good enough for ODIs or tests, but T20 he ALWAYS played.

But he too decided to go to the ICL.

Again in the ICL, he was explosive, which is why allt he calls for him.

Moving on, in the same domestic T20 competition in which Razzaq was the highest wicket taker, Imran Nazir was the leading run scorer and led his team to the title!

So yes both of them deserve to be in the XI and would have been has the ICC not told Pakistan to take them out of the 30 man provisional squad that the PCB announced before the T20 world cup.

Q said...

Here's more info abt that RBS 20-20 Cup where Razzaq and Imran Nazir rocked.;type=tournament;type=tournament

Q said...


Razzaq was dropped cos he was not fully fit.. that never meant he was not good enough. Had he not played for the ICL and had he not been banned cos of a shoddy PCB policy, he would have been playing.

Same goes for Nazir.