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My money isn't on India yet

by Bored Guest

since everyone's putting together points on why aus lost, why poms are sh*t and why nobody really cares about south africa i thought i miht as well jump onto the 'point' bandwagon

here goes

1) Gambhir isn't being much help crawling at the top. The other opener is only a makeshift arrangement.

2) Dhoni, SHOULD NOT bat higher than either Yuvi or Raina. So stuff your ego dude, 5 is your number, not Raina's

3) How many times have Raina and Yusuf got the oppurtunity to get a decent hit?

4) The fielding, is still awful... throws from the boundary end up on the wrong damn pitch.

5) The death bowling is missing....... no one has kept their heads at the death, even aginst the Deshis and Ireland

6) Irfan Pathan.... need i say more...

BUT I's ok if he's got curly hair and the girls love his smile... but that was not the criteria for making the 11, methinks

if Dhoni needs a bowler RP must play. Pathan is NOT an all rounder, he's a batsman who could bowl a bit... ONLY A BIT.

7) Jatman is out injured....... does that suck or what?

by prafs


Gaurav Sethi said...

Who is yr money on Prafs?

Don't think I can watch Pathan anymore - not in the nets, not even in replays of better days gone past.

pRAFs said...

i'd say lanka or may be sa...
but sa being the chokers that they are...