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Answers for Damith & Some Questions too

by Q

You call Afridi's leg spinners to minnows illegal.

So what will you call it when he runs through the Lanka batting line up?

Will it be illegal because he ran through the minnows? Or will it be destructive bowling that was too good for the Sri Lankans?

Speaking of your batting line up, there isn't much after the top 4.

By the time Gul and Tanvir are done with them, Afridi will run through the minnow-esque middle order and tail.

You call Mendis Splendid, but we both know that he's far from that.

He caught the Aussies sleeping because they had never played him before.

Pakistan, on the other hand, have had the better of him in Tests, ODIs, and T20s.

Mendis doesn't stand a chance against Akmal, Younis, Misbah, Malik, and the rest.

Moreover, if our spinach-eating-popeye-impersonator Abdul Razzaq lands in London on time, any hope that you had will be lost!

You know as well as I do that Dilshan fails every 3rd innings - come tomorrow, come Pakistan, and it will be his 3rd innings of the World T20.

Sadly we won't see a single sitting-down-in-weird-frog-type-stance-and-scooping-over-the-keeper-shot!

So Damith boy, your team doesn't stand a chance.

(Bored Member Damith is from Sri Lanka where as Bored Member Q is from Pakistan; this is the start of the Damith vs. Q BBC* Debate at BCC! for the Sri Lanka v Pakistan Super 8 game tomorrow. Rip into each other gentlemen)
*BBC - Bored Boys Chat

Click here for the complete Pak-Lanka Debate, start reading from down under.


John said...

Good one, Q. A strong start there, getting off the blocks quickly.

Gaurav Sethi said...

I'm surprised no digs at the Lankan captaincy, they seem to win in spite of it.

Aashrey said...

Sorry Q, I think I'm going to be siding with Damith for this one. Not your blogging battle, but the match. But you never know, I just hope I get to watch the match tomorrow.

Q said...

John, I had to be quick!

NC, D decided to stay away from Younis, and I couldn't dare touch King Sanga ;-)

Ash, I tell you what. Side with Lanka for the match, but with me for the blogger battle. Wat say? :-)