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Predicting Ishant Sharma's hairstyle

by Scorpicity

Ravi Shastri never fails to mention how Ishanth has come a long way from that magnificent Australian test series. Only thing so baffling about such repeated hype is that Ishant Sharma's record has indeed come a long way from being promising to plain mediocre over the recent few series, often in danger of even surpassing Ajit Agarkar's record baffling territory.

If there is any significant improvement in Ishanth over the years is the fact that he has learned all the showmanship antics of fast bowlers, with all the sledging, quizzical looks, the just-missed jokes and smiles at the batsmen and so on. That is if any except Ravi Shastri could define that as an improvement.

All right, I am being unnecessarily harsh and there is still time for the good bloke to get his act together and stay focused. Besides, I like this guy and no, not in a gayish pansy way.

The other significant aspect is the number of hair style changes he comes up for each series. From short to a flowing gold streaked hair, yours truly has introspected on whether Ishant has the old teenage dilemma on whether to sport a plain old next door neighbor boring boy look or to be the wild man from Borneo a la Tarzan minus Jane with only the monkey for company look.

To research this phenomenon on whether there is a relation to the hair lost by all the cutting and his form, I decided to seek the help of the mad scientist, whose formulas could not arrive at a conclusion on whether the hair being cut has an impact on form.

However, surprisingly what the formula derived was a pretty accurate prediction on what hair style will Ishant sport for each of the series being played in the Future Tours Program.

I reproduce the formula minus the calculations for a query on the hair style which Ishanth will sport in the next Australian test series against India in 2011.

And behold... the answer.

All right... This is meant to be a joke. I like Ishant.


Gaurav Sethi said...

By far the best haircut he will ever have. Be known as the Monk who sold his fears.

My theory on Ishant is 1) Mentor like Zaks wadaya expect? Tho could have been worse - mentored by the old unimproved Zaks, and then ishant would have mentalled. Which is not a word, but then Ishant would not have been a bowler.

John said...

Monk who shaved his fears?

straight point said...

great morph scorpy...!!

Yenjie said...

Ishant mediocre? What series of what sport have you been watching? On pace-friendly wickets he has been very good. Had a passable series in SL which is a graveyard for pacers anyway. Had an excellent series against the Aussies at home. Did not get many wickets in NZ test series, but was tight and on target all the time except probably against the wind. Had a miserable IPL but thats directly attributable to f***head Buchanan. His bowling in the T20 WC warmups has been fantastic. Seriously, the guys'like 20 - what do you expect? I'd say Zak has been a great mentor for him, and the only negative aspect has been a slight loss of pace, but thats more likely due to Venkatesh Prasad and his insistence of a curd-rice based diet for pace bowlers.

scorpicity said...

NC... He should soon come into his own zone but no point having a a few grey haired commies that raise the pitch on him even when he has shown signs of being absolutely predictable in his bowling and his averages especially in context of some of the recent series reflect it.

scorpicity said...

Thxs SP... though it is not done very well. Too lazy to correct the edges and the tones.

Am nowhere to your skills :)

scorpicity said...

Hi Yenjie... Welcome to the BCC!. Hope to see more of you here.

This is his stats... Perhaps you need to have a look at those numbers.

No doubt he is still a great potential and a potential is how he remains until he dramatically improves those figures to compete with the rest of the best.

While even in tests, those figures don't really come near to the top bowlers in the world today, he has indeed shown to be a good potential. His ODI and esp. T20 record is atrocious.

And as mentioned before, I was being very harsh almost deliberately as part of the joke but yes there is a critical note for the commies that are bloating his stock to that of a bluechip even before he has become one.

Not long ago, Pathan and Agarkar was one such bloated bluechip, way before they turned 2 in international cricket.

Bhaskar Khaund said...

WOHOHOHOHOHO ..what a corker of a post Scorp///ha ha too funny....agree with u completely btw.....he has quite some way to go - at least vis-a-vis the hype -but hopefully he will there one day ...

scorpicity said...

Hey Bhasker thxs... glad you liked it.

He has a long way to go and for the moment, doing quite well in the practice matches... Cheers