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The T20 Carnival begins tomorrow!

by Ankit Poddar

Yeah, Bored was live last night, and I was one of those on the panel! I mention this, cause our moderators deserve a special thanks! It must have been one hell of a task for them!

So, the warm up matches are over, including the India-Pakistan warm up final! It is time for the T20 carnival to begin!

A quick look at the teams:

Ireland, Scotland, Netherlands, Bangladesh: The group of upsetters! It would be fun to watch, whose party they spoil!

Australia: Andrew Symonds has been sent back home! So reports Achettup! The Oz T20 teams now looks like those racist blokes really in need of some proteins, wait that could send all of them back, ala Warney!

South Africa: Any side that has benefited the most from the IPL, apart from India, in terms of match practice, it is these guys. Guess, CSA has a certain BRC management to thank!

New Zealand: Their reaching the semi finals is almost a given! After all it is an ICC tournament! Can't bet on it though! Want to bet on Saffers choking instead?

England and West Indies: Are very happy with winning against each other! May get out of the WC as soon as it begins! Of course, you know that!

Pakistan: They have lost both their warm up matches, so they are going a long way in this World Cup, on account of their inconsistency!

Sri Lanka: I hate their team outfits!

India: One loss, one win! Against somebody they have never won against, against somebody they have never lost any! Yeah, you can't comment much on their form! But they are the defending champions!

All that I would now add, Aane De!


straight point said...

"One loss, one win! Against somebody they have never won against, against somebody they have never lost any! "

very well said ankit... :)

Ankit Poddar said...

thanks ya SP,

sangat ka asar hai, ;)

Gaurav Sethi said...

misfits in those outfits - at 53/7 y'day, they looked the part.

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scorpicity said...

So folks, who dya think will win. I say the Jonas brothers.

Ankit Poddar said...


those outfits are such a sore, why have so much yellow in the jersey?! inspire murli?