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Sidhu, Azza set out their agenda for parliament

by K

According to breaking news coming in:

Cricketer-turned-politicians and Members of Parliament - Navjyot Singh Sidhu and Mohd. Azharuddin are apparently toying with the idea of meeting the parliamentary affairs minister to recommend certain changes to parliamentary procedure.

Sidhu wants to make his one-liners/idioms/proverbs a part of parliamentary jargon and has decided to lobby hard for this cause. Sidhu also wishes to recommend 'laughter therapy' for all those MPs who take their work too seriously and often get engaged in heated arguments when debating an issue on the floor of the house.

Azza on the other hand wants translators for all those who mumble and speak under their breath like him. Azza is committed to the cause of his constituency Moradabad and doesn't want the opposition to misunderstand him when he raises the issues of his electorate as his usual speech would sound something like this "Mmmmm................. &%^%^$$##$@.........Sidhu i'll screw your happiness once again........mmmm..... you know... i mean.....i mean.... you know"


Som said...

And I'm afraid Sidhu will stage a walkout midway through a debate:)

Gaurav Sethi said...

And he'll walk on to the road, and then you know what happens

Unknown said...

interesting page... quirky actually :).. lemme know if you'd be interested in Fantasy Cricket...