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Well Done Pakistan!!

by K

Well done and congratulations to all Pakistan cricket fans. You guys deserved to win. A special congrats to you Q.

Pakistan beat the other two most dangerous looking teams in the competition and grabbed their chances. It's a great story. Younis' men hardly played any cricket in the last 12 months and beat the odds to emerge winners.

But if you guys remember, I had made a prediction in one of my posts during the IPL that the Pakistanis would be a force to reckon with during the T20 World Cup as they would be fresh not having participated in the IPL.

Another prediction I had made was that Afridi would be a match-winner if he opened. I was partially correct because fearless Afridi turned the tide batting at number 3.

The Pakistani team's batting was even more impressive than their bowling in the final. They kept their cool, played sensible cricket against the likes of Murali & Mendis and mixed caution with aggression, unlike many Pakistani teams of the past.

1 comment:

Q said...

Thanks K!

I remember ur call.. but do u remember mine of calling Pak the favorites before it began? :-)

Awesome victory!