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Where are you Damith?

by Q

Have you gone into hiding?

Its alright buddy, its all fun and games, just entertainment, much like WWF!

Sure we spanked your behinds, but don't take it too seriously mate.

I told you that "one who laughs last, laughs best", but I guess you were too busy engrossing yourself with King Kumar's reaction to Younis Khan's suggestion that you totally missed that, didn't you?

That's alright, you can always go back, take a look at it, and enjoy a good laugh.

The last time around, I remember you asked what we would do when Dilshan plays one of his scoops.

Even then I said that it would not bother us. But this time, I actually wrote him a letter, requesting him not to play the shot in the final.

But he didn't listen to me. I'm sure you missed that too because you were too busy enjoying King Kumar's laugh, weren't you?

Who else did you mention last time? Ahh the one and only "Splendid" Mendis.

You do know that you're the only one who calls him "Splendid", don't you? I think you even coined that name; I believe its time you reconsider.

Against Pakistan he has been anything but that. I told you that last time too.

The 4-0-34-0 just proved that again; I bet you missed those figures since you were too busy smirking at King Kumar's laugh, weren't you Damith?

I remember the cat and the tissues you sent me last time; in response I mentioned that I live to fight another day.

Fortunately for me, that another day was a day that mattered more than last time.

So what do I send your way now?

At first, I thought I would return the favor.

But then I realized that tissues is not what you need my friend.

What you need is something that will save you from the haunting memories of this World T20 final.

What you need is something that will stop you from questioning yourself everytime you think, "Why did King Kumar laugh?" or "Why did I post that picture?" or "Why did I caption that picture that way?"

Hence, I picked this.

It will help deafen all that laughter from King Kumar that will haunt you forever. and ever. and ever.

Oh and it comes with a Lifetime Garantee!

1 comment:

straight point said...

hahaha you would come up something like this...great!!

searching private damith...