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What happened to MSD's Young _ _ _ks

by Bhaskar Khaund

I mean Turks of course...
What happened to the fearless incredibly talented New India , the Brave New World of Captain Doodh
To all the little chokdas , those chintu Raina Shainas, those teenda Sharma Warmas , ....?
Badly found out ....
And pundits like Java Srinath - "India has the best new ball attack in the world" ...ahahahahaha....Choose your pick : ZAK, RP , IP , MP , PK , JK , and of course the incredible IS - Ishant 'India's Own Answer To Speed' Sharma - a ripping faster-than-light 135 kmph delivery delivered from a 270 kmph run up , fastest bowler in the history of the game because BCCI can buy your soul with their money dude.... Cemented his place for eternity on one - yes , one - spell bowled to Punter a couple years ago...I mean , who the fu*k are Steyn and Malinga and Gul and - heck , even Broad dammit - in comparison , right ?
And MSD ....WTF happened to him ?
All that remains now is for Mr Modi to keep the India Flaunts It spirit going - sponsor a Closing Ceremony maybe , get them racy cheerleaders to flank as he takes centerstage and thanks his staff and his wife and his kids ?
'Scuse me while I barf.


Gaurav Sethi said...

Admit, I cannot face Ishant. Not on the TV.

I'm convinced they can't afford to drop him, some dumbass clause, where he has to play, no matter what we pay. Serious.

Think they worked around that clause with Irfan, becoz it was a must win game.

For the last match Ishant will be rested too, because they'll introduce the Santa Clause, it'll be X'mas, and Ind will play like Jai Hind. Free again!

Homer said...

Granted that you are angry Bhaskar, but Test cricket is not T20 cricket. Nor is T20 cricket ODI cricket.

Javagal Srinath is right - India has the best new ball attack in the world. And it has been prven time and time again, in Test Cricket. And it is in that context that Srinath made his statement.

And maintaining context, Ishant has more than one great spells in Test Cricket. Galle, Mohali, Nagpur, Bangalore, Perth.

So barf away my friend, but let us maintain context for the argument being made.


Bhaskar Khaund said...

And the basis for that Homer ?

'ave a look at Last 2 years - Tests
In order - M/W/Ave/SR/5WI/10WM

Zaheer : 18/68/31.45/59.7/3/0
Ishant : 17/51/32.84/61.8/1/0
Steyn : 22/128/21.12/36.2/9/3
Ntini : 24/80/31.8/57.3/1/0
Johnson : 21/94/28.01/56.5/2/1
Lee : 17/79/28.53/53.8/3/0
Anderson : 21/82/31.4/57.6/4/0
Sidebottom : 18/66/28.51/62.2/5/1
Vaas : 14/41/29.14/61.4/1/0
Malinga :7/20/41.7/63.3/0/0

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Oh but we're improved over that , right - so here's last 1 year only

Zaheer : 12/40/34.87/63.8/2/0
Ishant : 12/35/31.54/62.2/0/0
Steyn : 10/50/28.74/47.5/3/1
Ntini : 12/44/32.4/57.9/1/0
Johnson : 12/60/25.25/53.0/2/1
Siddle : 7/29/27.65/64.3/1/0
Anderson : 12/39/32.3/67.6/1/0
Broad : 11/30/36.53/66.3/1/0

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Am sure you wouldn't want to see their overall career average ..:-)(ZAK - 7 5WI in 9 years ???)

So my dear Homer , our greatest 'fast' bowlers average 30+ in their golden phase ??

Best new ball attack in the world in Tests wud have to be Steyn and Ntini (even on current form for Ntini ) by some way..individually , Steyn and Johnson blow away both Zak and Ishant

Look , i know u can't go by numbers alone and tell u what , our guys are MY favourite too - also , they have had their glory moments in the recent past , several of them...they have been damn bloody good a lot of the time...but they are NOT the BEST in the world just because we'd like them to be...

Now , THAT is pure hype and does nothing to help indian cricket (as opposed to cricketers)...the likes of Ishant is something every backlane in Karachi or Lahore had been producing through the 1990's..! sorry :-) The guy needs to seriously take it to the next level now .....look at the stream of these Aya Rama Gaya Ram's that have come and gone....a few months and minus around 5-6 kmph later each

You need ONE 90 mph wicket taking bowler in a good team for any format...look at this T20 - who was there to give back what our openers were getting ?

parting shot - btw my post was extremely knee jerk heat of the moment , am embarassed by it now ;-) ;-) ..BUT i stand by these comments about our bowlers

karachikhatmal said...

the vitriol on display on indian blogs is scary... you guys are usually quite funny and laid back, but the bug seems to have bitten here as well...

i really think the pressure, and the media got to india. they're easily one of the best sides on ability. don't know how they managed to get so scared that they couldn't pull and cut english bowlers.

Crownish said...

who's JK in our bowling line up?
and we need balaji and joginder and sreesanth and nehra

Homer said...


Since you dole out the numbers from the past two years, it will also be instructive to see the oppositions that these numbers were raked up against.

Secondly, no team has the depth or the variety India has.

We had a bad couple of games in the T20 World Cup, we were out thought. I can live with that, especially when you juxtapose that against what has happened in the recent past.

And as regards the T20 WC, there is another one scheduled in the Carib next year. Thats where we can know whether this team has improved or regressed or come to a stand still.


Bhaskar Khaund said...

Homer - trust me i hate doling out numbers :-) ...but if i have time over the next few days will check that out too for curiosity's sake...Excuse me but i'm a very lay follower (am def. the weakest Bored member on cricketing knowledge) so what i just dont get is "depth" and "variety" - whaddya mean by that ? Can you elaborate ?? what is it ? and how that has translated into results ?
like i said , this is not a reaction coming on from yesterday - i can defnitely live with that , in fact already over it - but its what i've always felt ... no way am i belittling these guys , all i am saying is they are not AS good as they are made out to be in india...if you consider them , with their record , to be the best we can get , you're only shortselling india...

Crownish : JK can be anyone and everyone that will sure as hell come along as the next speed sensation and peter out at 120 kmph ;-0 ha ha just kidding ..sorry i meant JS - Joginder Sharma , my bad ! :-)

Karachi - man , you need to rub it in ? he he he yes , over-reaction on my part..what to do we are like this only and so , by the way , are you guys ! :-)

Anonymous said...


Ishant Sharma, Munaf Patel, Praveen Kumar,Sreesanth, Zaheer Khan, Irfan Pathan, RP Singh

Thats 7 bowlers who can take the new ball at any time for India.

And look at what they bring to the plate - seam, swing, lift. And they all can bowl interchangeably with each other so the team can mix and match.

As regards the best, what is the yardstick? This team, as an unit, beat Australia, England, Sri Lanka and New Zealand. They were found out by Mendis and they came back strongly after that. They reversed a losing record in New Zealand. They hold the Border Gavaskar Trophy .

If this is not good enough, what is?


Bhaskar Khaund said...

This ?
1. Beating Aus in Aus
2. Beating SAF in SAF

Homer , we've done wonders in the recent past , am with you on that.Couldn't have done it without the bowlers either. BUT none of these 7 names you mentioned would make it to a World XI. I'm sorry but they dont cut it (no pun intended) Anyway peace , whatever gets you through the night :-)

Homer said...


The Wisden Test XI of 2008: Virender Sehwag (India), Graeme Smith (South Africa), Ricky Ponting (Australia), Sachin Tendulkar (India), Kevin Pietersen (England), Shivnarine Chanderpaul (West Indies), Mahendra Sing Dhoni (India), Harbhajan Singh (India), Mitchell Johnson (Australia), Dale Steyn (South Africa) and Zaheer Khan (India).

But what do I know, I defer to your superior knowledge.


Bhaskar Khaund said...

Homer , Homer , Homer - the Odessey continues i see :-)
And i defer to your infinite wisden : you're right. India has the best new ball attack in the world ever. Zaheer , Ishant , RPS , ....have batsmen around the world shaking in their little boots.
Cheers !