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John Buchanan Cannot let India Go

by Q

What exactly is John Buchanan's problem?

In his new book, something that all these gora babas tend to come out with when they're done with their cricket careers, Buchanan has a lot to say about some Indian cricketers.

And all that lot is a bit absurd in my opinion.

On Sachin Tendulkar

"You have to be inventive, fearless. And I don't see those qualities as part of Sachin's make-up at this stage of his career. Sachin Tendulkar is still a great player, but not in this arena of T20"

Really John? Is there anything new that you're highlighting? Is there any new insight that you're giving us?

To me that makes no sense.

I mean if Sachin was playing T20 cricket for India, saying that he's good enough for T20 cricket, and not performing then it would have made some sense for John to point that out.

But Sachin himself knows that he is not cut out for T20 cricket at this stage of his career. Hence he does not play T20 cricket for India.

Out of his own choice.

Sachin knows that, India knows that, we know that; why the hell do you have to give your 2 bits on it?

On Yuvraj Singh

"Yuvraj Singh in a sense tries to be a modern-day Ganguly, but I don't think he has the charisma or the dignity with which Ganguly carries himself."

The surprising bit about this was that John actually praises Saurav Ganguly!

Where did all this praise for when John screwed up the Kolkata Knight Riders?

Yuvraj is Yuvraj and he has a class of his own; I don't think he tries to be anyone.

Anyway, like all of us John is entitled to his opinion as well; all I got to say is that his opinion is wrong!


Gaurav Sethi said...

Last throw of the dice before he resigns himself to obscurity, good riddance.

He did have a good word for SRK, land a B grade villain's role who gets rammed bad

Q said...

He has said stuff abt KP and Shoaib Akhtar in his book as well.. I'd like to get a copy.. swiping at Indian cricketers is good marketing I guess..

Late Inswing said...

Good marketing - thats the key. Gilchrist did it. Now this guy. And the cricket-watching public has already taken the bait and talking about this - which exactly is what Buchanan wants.

straight point said...

very well put Q...

please do check this post i wrote on gilchrist true colors...specially gavaskar comments... he hit the nail on its head there

Anonymous said...

Bhajji's Blasts on Mr. John Buchanan