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KhufiaBaaz (with inputs from FIP) : KKR are now Khufia Knight Riders!

by KhufiaBaaz

Look how they have borrowed my name…but such are their Khufia ways, what else can you call them? All of IPL 2, they worked on more gossip and less cricket. You know, without KKR there would have been no Fake IPL Player. KKR is the reason why Indian cricket has become bakwaas, Filmfare type magazine. All KKR does is sell newspapers, and their t-shirts. They are a blot on the cricket landscape, and we love them for that. They are the kind of team that will wash their dirt chaddis in public! Wah KKR, DOUBLE WAH WAH!!

Last year you all know what happened with son of soil, Saurav, how they humiliated him, just to get eyeballs or get him by the balls, I ask you? And to suck up to the goras, all that has been documented well. But now see, IPL season is more than 7 months away and they have started their regular bullshit again. Saurav captain and all that! I ask you, if Saurav is not captain, who will be –Fake IPL Player? And why will Ricky Ponting come to play – nobody wants him anyway, that’s why the IPL humiliated him in the first place, to pay peanuts for him. In a way, IPL cut Ponting to size, he will never play IPL, and nobody gives a damn.

The truth is, that’s what screwed his form, boss. Ponting never came to terms with his lack of worth, and Indian cricket in one single swoop KHALAAS kiya! Ha! What about McCullum, he wants to stay back too – areh, how can he show his face after how he fcked up last time, at best he can be some Christchurch ka captain or whatever! Aur Vettori, please don’t come too, because Delhi will not play you chashmoo. If you are played, then you are just smashed around for 6s by Yusuf. Anyway, Amit Mishra is miles ahead of you in IPL.

1 comment:

straight point said...

indeed ponting is still to get over from the embarrassment of his worth...

that was also the start of symonds getting downhill in oz team...something in me tells me that this is interconnected...