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RODP – Rahul, the One Down Player

by RajaB

I think they lost it

How long could they hold their horses ?

And did any one of us remember, they are accountable these days ?

Oh, silly… Not the players, I’m referring to the selectors. They are paid these days.

Well it is not that they weren’t paid all these days. But now they would have to pay taxes, the pay comes from the board, they are given a cheque and a pay slip too.

So it seems the selectors have finally realised their responsibility and have lost their cool. And they have decided to seize the brilliant opportunity that a silly recently concluded tour offered.

How ?

Finally the FODP managed to score some runs, and to his luck the others managed to emerge croppers. And most importantly FODP’s team managed to scrape though, thanks largely to the Varuna yagna they conducted in Hyderabad.

But if our sources are to be believed, the selectors have finally made the FODP understand a couple of important things about cricket

a) However hard you try, you need to have it in you to be a One Down Player

b) When we say “have it in you” we don’t mean luck or winning tosses

c) We are not also referring to the ability to score the moment the selectors decide to write you a memo on non performance

d) And whaadoucal … that guy still has it in him. And he showed it in the IPL 2

And so what do we do…

Call back the RODP to bolster our shaky top order batting. He can pull, hook, drop, drive on all kinds of surfaces. Grassy, greasy, placid, dry, bare and he can even perform on surfaces that are cracked.

The highly cracked surface the Indian cricket team is today or at least its top order batting it needs this man who can plaster it.

So please welcome* Rahul Dravid – The Real One Down Player. At last that position (One Down) would get some respectability with him coming in.

* Why are we elated ?

Rahul Dravid has been included in the 30 player long list for the Champions Trophy that would happen in September ’09. We are extremely happy that he at least made it to the long list. Probably, a step forward towards a respectable farewell, for this deserving servant of Indian cricket.

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