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Overheard at Colombo

by Q

Bored Peon: You know Chaminda Vaas is retiring so Sri Lanka are playing him today and giving him a farewell test.

Bored Neon: Yeah I heard. Is Danish Kaneria also retiring?

Bored Peon: No, he hasn't announced it.

Bored Neon: Then why is he playing?


straight point said...

hahaha Q...a cracker...

but jokes apart i have always felt that pakistan did not give him confidence or believed in him they way spinner should be...

can you shed some light...?

Gaurav Sethi said...

Well said Bored Neon!

Q, Kaneria and Mishra - are we on to something here. It's tough to battle against a no-confidence motion, can get shitty.

Just checkn Kaneria's numbers, 225 wkts of 53 tests, avg 34 -what could have been? Like Mishra, still only in his 20s -28, Mishra 26.

His ODI record, only 18 games (15wkts @45), could have done his test career in - in the sub, lack of an ODI career often does yr test career in.

Mishra doesn't play too many ODIs either (3). And he's pretty handy in T20s, at least for Delhi, imagine.

This is a little much, both have the same friggin star sign, Sagitarius.

Both look timid too. Speak out boys.

Q said...

Thanx SP..

Thats some connection u have made with between the two NC...

Now what I know and think abt him..

When he first came on he played a lot of tests against Bangladesh.. thats who Pakistan was playing initially.. and he picked up lots of wickets at the time.. he got 10 for in every test almost.. I think he raced to 60 wkts or something in 70 tests, 5 of which were against Bang..

That created his reputation as a match winning leggie for Pakistan..

Then when he came up against the bigger teams SA, Aus, and Ind he was obviously not the same kind of threat..

He got hit around, gave away too many runs.. picked wickets but only cos he bowled 40 overs everyday..

The problem I think started when Pakistan's pace bowling threat went away and Inzamam started hailing Kaneria as the trump card.. he was talked up as being the main man for almost every test series under Inzi..

Cos of the lack of bowling resources during that time Kaneria was expected to defend and also pick up wickets..

Hence the normal figures of 55-2-240-5.

That became common and everyone started pointing fingers at him..

But it wasn't his fault..

After Inzi, Pakistan have hardly played tests so its too little time to see if other captains will use him differently..

As far as ODIs are concerned, he can never break into the team as long as Afridi is there and we all know Afridi isn't going anywhere yet..

Kaneria speaks up abt wanting to play ODIs and T20s and that he hasn't been given a proper chance and so on.. but I don't think there is a place for him there.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Q, missed his 5 for today - mostly top order, how was it?

Q said...


WAs pretty neat.. he bowled well and many said he did it cos he for the first time felt that he did not have a garanteed position in the XI.. maybe that's true but it was one of the better performances I have seen from Kaneria..