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A Super Over after a super Ashes test match.

by Gaurav Sethi

Take that Twenty20 and shove it up your abridged a*se. That last hour, that last hour, was that something, or was that something. If you weren’t there, suck the highlights out of space or Sky. Watch them, and then we shall talk.

As England’s latest darlings drew closer to a draw, and the ‘remaining overs’ meter kept ticking – 11, 10, 9, 8 – also bear in mind, two overs for change-over in case England wangle a lead. And then this dirty T20ish thought crossed my mind – we could be in for a Super Over. With Australia set a target of a modest 16 of 6 balls. Who would bowl? What fields? Tasty or what? Who would you have bowled, Flintoff, right? Or Jimmy Boy Anderson, Champion of Cardiff? Or still better, do a John Buchanan, and get Monty on?

And who would Ponting send in to bat? The regular openers or Haddin and Johnson?

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