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What is in a name

by RajaB

There are lots if you asked me, I am not going to list what is, now. Let us look at how a cricketing father named his son and probably explore reasons why he named so.

When you decide to take a name from Ramayan, Angad. A name even Ramanada Sagar would have some difficulty locating. He was the son of Vaali and Tara, nephew of Sugriv.

You don’t stop there, in fact go a step further. Yes, take the name of your favorite cricketer of that time, split it and add it with the other half of another cricketer you like and put that as a middle name.

No, that is not enough of a name you say. And then add your family name and the name of the clan you belong to.

Then comes the name “Angad Gavasinder Singh Bedi”. Let me expand the name for you, Angad Gavaskar Mohinder Singh Bedi.

Yes it is (Sunil) Gavaskar & Mohinder (Amarnath).

This name has some kind of a funny aura around it. Makes you burst out laughing the moment you hear this name, doesn't it ?

Well “What is in a name ?”

When your father is the temperamental acerbic Bishen Singh Bedi, then you never know when the name would change and to what.

Those (these) days he doesn’t like Gavaskar, he would drop the middle part completely. And you become Angad Bedi.

Now imagine a scenario when he likes Greg Chappell and Maurice Odumbe ? How horrible the (new) middle name becomes.

So, what is in your name ?

Picture courtesy: The Hindu


Som said...

Reminds me Sunny G named his son Rohan Jaivishwa Gavaskar as tribute to Rohan Kanhai, Jaisimha and Vishwanath. As if the surname was not heavy enough, poor kid had so many names to live up to.

Unknown said...

There's an Indian cricketer called Napoleon Einstein, it made headlines here. Now imho, that's the way to go--name yourself after dead guys.

Viswanathan said...

Reminded me of Major Major from the book- Catch 22.

RajaB said...

@Som: That is a famous specimen we have forgotten !! Thanks for bringing him into the equation.

I still remember the Glucon-C (Hope I am correct here) advert which the young Rohan Jaivishwa and Pammi starred, whenever the ad was aired people (we used to watch TV in herds thosedays!!) used to whisper, see the next Gavaskar.

@Husha: Napoplean Einstein is another speciman. There was this yahoo page for the u-19 WC teams. The players were asked a couple of cheeky questions like nicknames, favorite movie, song etc.

The question to Einstein was about his famous name. His answer was this, "We are atheists, who believe in EV Periyar. That is why my parents gave me this rational name"

Now tell me "what is in a name?"

Rationality !!

@Ottayan: Precisely put !! We are also discussing a catch 22 here !!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Dunno how many know Zaheer Abbas' full name, chk the next post.