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Cricket's H1N1 is back

by K

Cricket's swine flu (the ghost of match-fixing) is back. After being declared a global pandemic by the ICC about seven or eight years back, it finds its roots in the sub-continent once again. But only question I ask is: why does talk about match-fixing only come up when teams from the sub-continent start having a string of losses. No one talked about fixing when Pakistan won the T20.

Let's go back to the Sahara Cup in the mid and late 90s. Pakistan won the Sahara Cup against India in 96 and 98.. not a mention of fixing. However, match-fixing was brought up by the Pakistani board, ex-players and the public when they were beaten fair and square by a young Indian team in 97.

Our own over-reacting Indian cricket fans do the same. Loss in a series and there are whispers of fixing. But you win and the same people laud the team's effort. But somehow, IN THE RECENT PAST, ex-Indian players have very rarely brought up match-fixing when India loses unlike their counterparts across the border. I wonder why?


Gaurav Sethi said...

Brilliant headline K.

With cricket's H1N1 too, the only defence mechanism used is to wash hands off virus.

The Colombo hotel handling was amateurish, should never have surfaced. At least it gave us this headline.

Poshin_david said...

Nice title.....

straight point said...

killer headline K!!

we will keep on hearing about these pandemic coz fans just can't take defeats now...

but what is more surprising that hardcore players too are showing the symptoms of H1N1...guess when the mike is place in front of their 'nose' they can't keep it from running... :)