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Did Amit Mishra sleep with an orange cricket ball?

by Gaurav Sethi

The future’s bright, the future’s orange. Looks like Amit Mishra is on to the right network finally. I actually read a Mishra interview today. And it appeared in the main paper, not in the supplement where page 3 cricketers like Bhajji pose with Hummers.

Mishra talked cricket, stuff about the Emerging Cricketers tournament, his success there, all routine. And then, he spoke about playing with orange, white and green balls down under.

“For a spinner like me it is imperative that I get a good grip on the ball. For that I did keep the orange ball with me the night before the match and kept spinning it from one hand to the other"

Good to hear Mishra’s being more vocal about playing ODIs. The way it’s going, so many guys keen to play so many formats, soon BCCI will have to lobby hard to make it 15 players to a team.

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Interview snippet from Times of India

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