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KhufiaBaaz: The real reason for Sehwag's revolt

by KhufiaBaaz

On conditions of anonymity, here's what one of Delhi's selectors had to say:

"Sehwag is very upset with the national selectors for ignoring him for the Champions Trophy without giving him a chance to prove his fitness while Sachin is selected even when he skips the fitness test. Rahul Dravid's selection without proving either form or fitness for the ODIs was the last straw for Viru"

"He is now in talks with Cheeka, and is keen to move south till he is chief selector...all the statements of him moving to Haryana are nothing but hogwash"


Anonymous said...

there's a lot on cheeka's mind cmon!

Anonymous said...

This is the kind of stuff that reminds me Pakistanis were Indians till about 60 odd years back so one should not be surprised if one hears Paki-style conspiracy theories being bandied about with seriousness by Indians. Genes to wohi hain na. If Shahrukh complains, he wants publicity. If Dravid gets selected, he's giving selectors under the table blowjobs. And, if Sehwag complains about DDCA corruption - a body famed for its legendary levels of corruption - he wants to go play for TamilNadu to help his India chances.

KhufiaBaaz said...

Welcome Fckingblog and Anon for your frank comments. Although i would have appreciated it more had you paid little more attention to post and more precisely the labels. Its clearly mentioned as Cricket Humor there.


adverbin said...

Actually effective satire contains enough elements of truth. No wonder, fckingblog and Anonymous were unimpressed.

But what is really NOT funny is this:
Incidentally, none of the players mentioned appears to have had a problem with DDD, which presumably is managed professionally, unlike the DDCA.

Anonymous said...

Hi adverbin, the cricinfo link isn't working.

I've been a reader of BCC! for some time now, I got the humour, if you follow the link to my blog, I think you'll get what I was hinting at.

I think the selectors job is a thankless one. No matter what you do, it looks wrong from half the angles. The whole busy calender is not enough for us to test new talent and what do we do when we face such a situation.

They are being cautious & I wouldn't blame them, look at Pietersen's case.

adverbin said...

The link works fine for me; I have copy pasted it here again though -
Try copy pasting the link in your address bar. Briefly, it is about the Jatman refuting DDCA's counter allegation of nepotism; also, Gambhir and Nehra have lent his original complaints support and themselves threatened to leave Delhi. This you will agree is serious. Unfortunately nepotism is common - witness Brijesh Patel championing his son Udit patel, here in Karnataka, leading to resignation of Vjay Bharadwaj as coach despite a competent performance by Karnataka the past season.
I am sorry if I sounded as if I thought you did not get the humour. My point was that since humour is based on truth, the post simply hints at nepotism in the team's selection and that this did not seem to be justified in the selection for the CT.(what! no Balaji, Vijay or Subbu?!?).
Thanks for drawing my attention to your blog. I did like the humour and have bookmarked your blog.
It is true that the selector's job is thankless. They have done a reasonable job (remember the furore over Sehwag's lack of fitness in the World T20 and the selectors copping te blame for picking unfit players)? My only gripe is that Virat Kohli does not find a place despite good performance and form.

Anonymous said...

it's all cool adverbin, I took it as a dig on the sporadic allegations of regionalism by the selectors tied into the news of the Jatman's allegations.

I'm a CSK fan/supporter/appreciator? so it's sad to see Badri, Bala & co have their selection attributed to the selectors hometown rather than their domestic performances which is what I took the post to be about initially. My bad over there.

And yeah, no Kohli. I thought of him as a brash punk but he did deserve another stint after the EPT win down under.


PS: The link was missing this 17.html after the 4201

Anonymous said...

Sahi hai bhidu. Ladki ka dupatta khencha. Ladki ne palat ke sandal dikhaya to bola "behenji mai to majaak kar raha thaa." Joke wo hai jo sun ne waale ko samajh me aaye, naki wo jo sirf bolne waala samjhey aur khud hans le.

Anonymous said...

Sahi hai bhidu. Ladki ka dupatta khencha. Ladki ne palat ke sandal dikhaya to bola "behenji mai to majaak kar raha thaa." Joke wo hai jo sun ne waale ko samajh me aaye, naki wo jo sirf bolne waala samjhey aur khud hans le.