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ICC can't afford to ignore BCC!

by Som

ICC can't afford to ignore BCC! Else they run the risk of missing cues and square-cutting sorry figures.

ACSU head Paul Condon has been telling ICC that T20 is most vulnerable to corruption.

Well, BCC! provided the evidence.

We did not go chest-bumping of course. We politely bumped into Banjo Cassim, the figurehead of the 2000 match-fixing scam, in the Wanderers art Jo'burg and modestly BROKE THE NEWS here.

Not a mean task for a blog. After all, breaking news is supposedly the mainstream media's domain.

But like every dog, every blog has its day. And that was ours.

Bottomline is -- the ICC top brass better read BCC!.

Else, don't blame us if they call you Morgan the Moron or Lorgat the Loafer.


straight point said...

for that matter...nobody can afford to ignore BCC!

well done real player!

Som said...

SP, indeed.

Gaurav Sethi said...

I read BCC! What, I even write here.

Oye Banjo!