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Luckily it's not Dilshan, it's only Sangakarra who got out

by Gaurav Sethi

This is how I saw it: Vettori high fiving, so someone was out – hope it’s not Dilshan. Replay. Dilshan facing, so it is Dilshan. No wait, that’s not a catch, the ball ricochets off Vettori’s hand, hits the stumps, and knocks the bails off. Third umpire referral: Cool, it’s only Sanga, Dilshan is still there.

This gets me thinking deep thoughts: cricket, it's not about the better batsman anymore, it's about the more entertaining one. Who would you rather see not dismissed, Sachin or Sehwag? Haddin or Hussey? Afridi or MoYo? Flintoff or Collingwood? AB de Villiers or Kallis? Dilshan or Sanga?

And to hell with the match situation, format, or if they're playing against us. I'd go with the entertainer.

PS: Do they need Dilshan in the com box, have you heard those drones


pRAFs said...

i'd want Dilshan to bat
but only if he plays the dilscoop

Unknown said...

This is so true. Poor Mohammad Yousuf