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The Daniel Vettori Conundrum

by Gaurav Sethi

Dilshan swat sweeps Vettori for four; that pleased me immensely. At that precise moment I was able to address my warped relationship with Vettori.

Now Dan plays for the Delhi Daredevils, at least he thinks he does – turns up year after year at the IPL. Throws up in IPL1, plays a game or two, barely, keeps Amit Mishra out.

Then IPL2, where he plays again, keeps Mishra out, again, and gets smashed around in spite of that studious look. Then Mishra keeps him out. Or more like Yusuf Pathan keeps him out, isn’t that how all Indians should play him?

Turns out Indians don’t play him that well, seems more out of respect for his beard and glasses than his bowling. Dan looks so knowledgeable, you have to respect him.

But it’s a strange one with Dan, plays for Delhi, and I’d like him to do well, but more than that, I don’t want him to play. Maybe as a later order batsman, that really is his forte, or to stall a collapse.

Then when it’s an Ind-Kiwi game, let’s not even get into that. Had more than enough of him for one day.

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