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Men in glasses see the ball better: Charles Coventry 194 not out.

by Gaurav Sethi

First Bangladesh beat West Indies then they beat Zimbabwe who went on to beat Bangladesh. Basically they are all losers.

You could say that, but then you haven't watched the Bangla Zim ODI series, neither have I really, expect, the odd over here and there.

That's usally when someone scores a hundred. Today, this bloke called Charles Coventry made 194.

Ten years back he was their youngest first class player. Looks like he's still a first class player.

So what if he plays for a third class team?


pRAFs said...

looks like dan vettori's long lost causin that lad.
kept throwing his bat at everything in his half and found the fence quite easily,
but still, when he goes home, his dad will say ,"sorry, charles who?"

pRAFs said...

i meant cousin

Thiru Cumaran said...

Pity, however, that we couldn't see a double century from him! Really do hope that Zimbabwe get more lads like him so that they become the competitive force that they once were! :)

straight point said...

pity that over got finished...

they should have given him another over without anyone even noticing... ;-)

Gaurav Sethi said...

To make ODIs watchable, they should've been making triples by now. Reckon someone will get a double in a T20 first.

Unknown said...

Bangla's my second favourite team after Pak, don't diss them!