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Michael Hussey: Captaincy killed the player, eh?

by Gaurav Sethi

For once you can’t blame Ponting the captain. Captain Huss killed player Huss. Of all things, it was a one-day series in New Zealand.

Feb. 2007: Huss captained a happy bunch sans Ponting and Michael Clarke. The team of minions included Hayden, Hodge, Hogg, McGrath, White, Jaques, Bracken, Voges, Tait. Where are these players now? Where is Hussey now?

They couldn’t defend 336, so they scored 10 more, and they couldn’t defend 346.

Since that series, where Huss made 105, he has not made a one day hundred. And we all know what’s happened to his test career in the last two years or so. Worse than so-so.

After the Kiwi bashing, no test cricket for seven months. Rumour has it Huss was rarely seen in public. Then a couple of back to back hundreds (in the help yourself Sri Lanka home series), a 145 in Sydneygate (doesn’t count either) and then a 146 in a dull draw in Bangalore last year. Since then no test hundreds but plenty of ducks (6) – make BAW Mendis feel insecure.

You may ask, but what does all this have to do with captain Huss? Good question. I was thinking the same.

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