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Thou shalt be proven wrong

by bored cricket crazy indians

Well done Paul:

1st test 64, 74. 2nd test 16, 64

Then KP leaves and so do your runs.

3rd test 13, DNB. 4th test 0, 4. 5th test: 24, 1

In the absence of KP, nobody expected you to step up a notch as the senior batsman.

What is expected is this:

I shall make merry
and score a century
whenever my place is in treacherous doubt
And rest again, oh sweet rest
till such time, when my place is
in treacherous doubt
I shall make merry
and score a century
and rest again

(the above is a repost, and will be up yet again, after his next hundred)


Thiru Cumaran said...

Paul seems to be the type who shirks responsibility...the fact that he hasn't come forward to take a higher slot such as no.4 to shield Ravi Bopara shows that he isn't willing to lead by the think that he was one of my fav all-rounders not too long ago...:(

Gaurav Sethi said...

Agree CT, Warne made that point too. PaulC is stuck in the lower middle order mode, like Inzi and Younis used to be once upon a time. Vettori is another great one for batting much lower than he needs too.

straight point said...

nc...just for the sake of argument...

might be the team management wants them the wake of collapse as all team you have mentioned are prone to...they want an assurance in lower middle order...?

Thiru Cumaran said...

I think it is good that Vettori stays down the order. If he does go up, then the other batsman will play careless shots because they know that Dan the Man will hold firm at the other end. Dan coming in down the order ensures that, at least, the batsman will try to take some responsibility. It will also, like SP says, help to shore up the batting in case a bad collapse happens!

vmminerva said...

Love that poem!

I've always thought Collingwood was overrated. It will be fun to watch what happens when KP returns, with Trott trodding the path well..

Thiru Cumaran said...

I highly doubt that Colly will be dropped, considering the English value him for his gritty cricket. They might either consider dropping Bell (considering that he is actually KP's replacement) or drop a bowler (most probably, Harmison) in favour of KP.