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Salman Khan’s IPL team name shortlist

by bored cricket crazy indians

Just a matter of time before Salman’s team name is finalised – in the running are Salman’s Black Bucks, 11 Ka Dum and Bareily Bare Devils.

Names like Bandra Bare Bodies, Nanga Eleven and Naked Cricket were considered lewd for a team of IPL standing, while names like Jodhpur Jailors and Barely Dressed Devils were misleading.

The eliminated names raised the issue with Jatman, pointing at DDCA politics. Mr Jaitley was not available for comment.

Word is that the name Bareily Bare Devils is related to a big name, whereas 11 Ka Dum has Bollywood connections. As for Salman’s Black Bucks, it’s a shot in the dark.

1 comment:

Thiru Cumaran said...

or how about Ghajini's Ganja? :D