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Sreesanth’s cosmic connection with Bored

by Gaurav Sethi

Nothing is cheap anymore, so why should Sree’s bowling analysis be? Yesterday mentioned here: Be nice if the powers of Indian cricket make the same noises for you as they did for Agarkar – “he can be expensive, but he is a wicket taking bowler”

Sree started his spell like a shopping spree at Harrod's, costly for the batsman, costly for the bowler. Today was no different, he ended up at 15.2-2-93-5

That’s Agarkaresque alright. What the hell, those numbers would have done Saj Mahmood proud. Now who is that?

But as both Ravi and SMG would say, he can be expensive, but he's a wicket taking bowler. Say that enough times, and you will believe it.


Homer said...

Agarkar has a 100 at Lords, Whats Sreesanth's story?


Gaurav Sethi said...

He nearly gave a 100 runs at the North Marine Road Ground.

Anyway, I don't rate runs in a lost cause. And we all know how lost we were when AA scored that ton

100s aside, Sreesanth's story is being written. Agarkar is history, has been for a long while.

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