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Ten Sports is sick. But then so are the Kiwis.

by Gaurav Sethi

The Kiwi-Lanka test match broadcasters, Ten Sports have been off-air all morning. Had Brendon McCullum been the broadcaster, a few slogs in the air, and who knows what could have been.

Does it matter that I missed the morning session - not really, chances are so did New Zealand.

In fact, they turned up for the morning session. When the players can’t do the job, a selector has to – Daniel Vettori's shot selection was good enough to earn him a not out at lunch.

In the coming series, selector Moles will need to play. His coaching has done nothing. Or maybe the players are plain thick. Last match 9 out of 11 players were sick, this time, what excuse will it be?

“We’re just sick of cricket”

PS Ten Sports returns, the outfield is wet, the Kiwis are damp squibs, Anshuman Gaekwad's on instead. Which is worse?

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