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His Lordship, Sir Daniel Vettori has graced us with his presence.

by Gaurav Sethi

He wrapped up his nap early, so he promoted himself. From the black caps’ captain, he became their general. He was up to it, so he came up the order, 4 down, this when the Kiwis were so down, earth worms would struggle to go lower.

Dan boy usually bats low. After him it’s basically boys who cannot bat. Dan though can more than bat. I’ve always felt that he should bat above McCullum. That’s because Brendon cannot bat. He is a limited limited overs’ edition.

Dan though is boring enough to embrace test cricket. At 7 and 8 down he has played some spectacularly annoying innings – the type that stall games, arrest hope and choke viewers.

He is the third man. That is his playing area. He is a backhanded player. He only plays behind the wicket. If I ever played against Dan, everyone would be behind the wicket.

Might even be tempted to make the bowler bowl from behind. Go figure that out.

In the meantime, let me return to the killjoy’s batting, if you can call it that. Of course you can, once you see his bowling.


straight point said...

he had no choice NC...

it took nothing but stomach bug to half of his team for him to come up the order...

straight point said...

...and as i said this he is gaawwnn!!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Turns out 9 players are sick.

Don't know why he didn't open the batting.