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You should be working for Lalit Modi’s IPL

by Gaurav Sethi

Not reading or writing a cricket blog. There’s this interview, Mr IPL just gave, according to which, his mistress, the IPL, is worth $ 1.65 billion. That’s US dollars not Zimbabwe dollars. In Zim dollars, it would be…forget it, unfathomable.

Now think about it seriously, if you’re here, it means you have more than a passing interest in cricket. It also means, that you may not be a player – if you’re a player, you’ll have to be either fighting WADA or ICC or BCCI or your own demons.

So in many ways you are bored. And if you’ve reached this far, then you possibly are a regular here. I’m seriously considering networking my way to the IPL.

There are plenty of teams going around. The Delhi team is based in the same city as me, Delhi. Of course, at times it’s based in South Africa, but I am not against travel.

Also, I’m ok with the Delhi Daredevils as a team: I personally like Jatman and Mishra. One is the captain, the other, what is Mishra?

The imports, though not scintillating company look ok cricketingwise. I do not see myself having long chats with AB or Dilshan.

Vettori though looks as if he can hold his own in a conversation. And then there’s McGrath and Maharoof, we can squat on the sidelines and talk about their exclusion in IPL2. Hopefully they’ll still be excluded in IPL3.

Who else is there? Yes, Warner – I’d like to hurl a frisbee in the park and see him fetch it.

As for Dinesh Karthik aka DKNY, there’s always the All American Diner for a pint and a hot dog.

Looks like I almost know these guys. And as we speak the Daredevils appointment letter is in the mail.

As for Ashish Nehra, have you ever seen that guy gnaw at a chicken leg? If you had, you’d ask – who came first, the chicken or the Nehra?

1 comment:

pRAFs said...

i'd be keeping my eyes on that kid Sangwan... he's a prospect for sure.
you don't seem to rate him though.
not even a mention.